Reflecting the diversity of our clientele and the importance of the art aspect of photography, we are hesitant to create packages that are a one-size-fits-all approach and thus will craft individual investment quotes for each event. Based upon the information provided to us through the website or a phone call, we will create an individual contract that you can modify in any way to best suit your vision and budget.

Helping you give an idea of the price ranges...

Sitting Fees: $150 (weekday) - $200 (weekend)

Gift Prints: $50

Collections: from $650 and include at minimum 15 gift prints ($750 value) and 10% off additional products. There are more options including wall-hangings and digital files with increased discounts beyond the base collection.

There are special packages for Maternity and Baby portraits that include multiple sessions and specialized products. Our most popular package is the Diaper Dandy ($350) which includes three sessions (additional sessions optional) and will follow your baby's development for the first year.

All of our products can be combined for significant savings and customization. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.