Welcome to Skipper Photography and our newly renovated site. We are very excited to get started again now that we are back in the United States, despite greatly missing our friends in El Salvador and the wonderful memories we had there. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up with us since we moved back, we have added two young men to the family David Jackson (2 years) and Peyton Charles (7 months) and are living in Nashville. Everything has been moving right along with the growing family and Ben is currently working towards a Master’s degree and I am pursuing my passions with photography and fine art!

I am very excited with the re-launch of Skipper Photography and we have been able to revamp our product line and showcase innovation that will give you the greatest investment and control over your captured moments. Please be sure to look through our information outlining our product line for any of your photographic needs. We now have online event posting that is password protected and will let you order images directly from the event and you can link it to your MySpace™ or Facebook™ pages. If you have any questions or special requests that have not been answered through this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I would like to take an extra second to point out the addition of Fine Arts to the product line. I love to create portraits in a variety of mediums and we are offering a 50% discount to my first 3 Fine Arts commissions.

Skipper Photography is a member of PPA